About Concrete Infra and Developers – Your Trusted Partner in Concrete Infra At Concrete Infra and Developers, we are committed to shaping the future of modern infrastructure through our unwavering dedication to excellence in concrete construction. With a rich history and a passion for innovation, we have established ourselves as a leading force in the industry.
Our Story
Since our inception, we have been at the forefront of creating enduring and sustainable concrete infrastructure solutions. Our journey began with a vision to transform the way people experience their surroundings. Over the years, we have honed our skills, embraced cutting-edge technologies, and expanded our horizons to become a name synonymous with reliability and quality.
Our Vision

Our vision is to create distinctive real estate projects. We are committed to providing robust infrastructure and developments that not only stand the test of time but also enrich the communities they serve. Whether it’s a villa, apartment, or plots, our dedication is to leave a lasting imprint on the future.

Our Mission

Our objective is to establish trust and adhere to project schedules in real estate endeavors. We leverage cutting-edge technologies to enhance the security and durability of our constructions.

Core Values
Our core values are our fundamental beliefs as an organization. These are our guiding principles that dictate our behavior and help us determine the right path to fulfilling goals by becoming an unwavering guide.

Quality: We adhere to the highest standards of quality in every project we undertake. Our commitment to excellence is unwavering, and we ensure that every detail is meticulously executed.

Sustainability: We are deeply committed to environmental responsibility. Our sustainable practices not only benefit the planet but also contribute to the long-term durability of our projects.

Innovation: We embrace innovation as a means to push the boundaries of what is possible. Our teams continually explore new materials and techniques to deliver cutting-edge solutions.

Safety: The well-being of our employees, partners, and the communities we serve is paramount. We maintain rigorous safety standards to ensure that every project is completed without incident.

Meet Our Managing Partner

A. Anil Kumar Reddy Managing Partner

A. Anil Kumar Reddy is Managing Partner at Concrete Infra and Developers. Mr. Reddy is a veteran in the Real Estate development. He has over two decades of experience working with every aspects of construction business. He looks after the operations of the company to maintain a reputation of the timely completion of every project. He holds a Masters’ degree in Business Administration.

T. Praveen Kumar Reddy Managing Partner

T. Praveen Kumar Reddy is the Managing Partner at Concrete Infra and Developers. He has been in the ‘real estate & construction business’ for over two decades and carries with him a rich experience on managing high end projects. He has extensive knowledge in the field and his vision and mentorship is sought after by all within the organization. He holds a Masters’ degree in Business Administration.

G. Narasimha Managing Partner

G. Narasimha serves as the Managing Partner at Concrete and Infra Developers, boasting an impressive track record spanning over a decade in the real estate and construction industry. With a wealth of experience overseeing prestigious projects, he possesses an in-depth understanding of the field. His insightful vision and mentorship are highly valued by everyone within the organization. Holding a Bachelor of Technology degree in Electronics and Instrumentation, he also brings a decade of experience from the IT sector and has had the opportunity to travel to numerous countries.